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June 18, 2017



At a very early age, I can remember viewing 3D images in my Great Grandfather and Grandmothers stereoscope.  You would place a picture card with what looked like two pictures of the same thing mounted side by side at the end of the stereoscope.  You would put the viewing end to your eyes and adjust the length of the card from your eyes for focus.  The resulting 3D image was created using two camera images taken side by side.  The Stereoscope separated the left image and the right image for the left and right eyes to create the 3D image.  The only limitation was that these were still pictures and at that time sepia black & white images.


A gift from our son was the new Google Cardboard viewer, a device that can be used with your smartphone to view 360-degree video images in 3D.  Mount your phone in the Google Cardboard, bring up a 360 degree 3D video clip and watch amazing 3D image.  One unique feature is that as you turn left, right, up, down or behind you, you see as if you were present when the video was filmed.


I don't have an image of the Stereoscope (checking with family members to see who has it) but I do have a picture of the Google Cardboard viewer (similar in appearance to the stereoscope except that the stereoscope was made of wood).




It is that time of year when I take a break from the weekly pictures and stories (I break for the summer).  A sabbatical of sorts, I enjoy the change of pace and look forward to working on some new photography ideas and techniques.


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