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June 11, 2017



In my collection of what I call SDC 'Humble / Heads Bowed' pictures is this one of Walker Powell.  Mr. Powell was a familiar face at the Steam Powered duplicating lathe.  When I took this picture, I did not know his name or his role in the Ozark area.  He was often seen making a variety of kitchen utensils (I believe he is working on a roller pin noodle cutter in this picture) or their signature baseball bats.  I eventually learned his name and his role in shaping and preserving Ozark history.  I sent him a copy of this picture, and in return, he sent me the nicest thank you note which I still have.


I mention my 'Humble / Heads Bowed' pictures as they are of different SDC Citizens who worked quietly about their craft with heads bowed (although I understand he was fond of telling a story or two).  Few fit that description more than Mr. Powell.




In Memory of

Waldo Walker Powell

SDC Master Craftsman

August 1, 1917 - June 4, 2017




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