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May 28, 2017



If you are a friend, member of my family or the Editor-In-Chief of this outfit, you have made mention (on more than one occasion) that I sure do write and have a lot of pictures about Silver Dollar City.  That's because it has been a part of our lives for the past 40 years.  I'm not sure of any other theme park that you get to know the people who are more than musicians, actors, park attendants, craftsmen and women, etc.


We've enjoyed a progression of interests in the park through the years.  First with the rides, then the crafts followed by the music and then the people.  It goes without saying that I find this place that I enjoy one of my favorite places to take pictures.


One of my earliest memories at SDC was the Marshall.  He would greet people at the main square and deputize the kids.  I remember when he handed our son the six starred SDC deputy badge.  Besides upholding the SDC law, Marshall Hubbard could be found over at the cabin picking and singing with Vern Berry,  Danny Eakin, Annie Englebrecht on the front porch of the cabin.  Click here to view the picture with Grandpa Vern.


The cabin has become a homecoming site for many.  It's a place where most know each other for their time at the cabin and gather to listen to great music, stories and catch up on recent news like problems with the wood splitter and such.


After Marshall Hubbard passed his badge onto the next, he would on occasion visit the cabin.  And if you were lucky you would be there on a day where he would join the Pickers and sing Daddy Frank or a number of other songs.


The years at SDC have been very special, and it is sad to see some of these people retire or move on.  Thanks for the great memories!





But as for those Homestead Pickers, they must keep playing.    Somebody has to sing Ghost Chickens in the Sky!

Marshall Hub Hubbard



Remembering Memorial Day


Remembering those who gave their life

in service to our country.



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