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April 23, 2017



When I say I'm going to Branson, what I mean is I'm going to Silver Dollar City. And when I say I'm going to Silver Dollar City, what I mean is I'm heading over to the Homestead Ridge. And when I say I'm going to the Homestead Ridge what I mean is I'm head'n over to the McHaffie Cabin.


If you listen to me, you would think that the only thing at SDC is the Homestead Pickers. Not so (although clearly, they are one of my favorites groups).  There is a lot to do and see at SDC and in particular the Homestead Ridge area.  First, there are no 'attractions' in this area of the park that will leave you 'bathtub wet' (although I do miss the long ago rain maker that left the unsuspecting with a good sprinkling).  There is a little critter barnyard, the Leather Shop, the Knife shop, the One Room Schoolhouse, the Cabin and the Wilderness Church.


If you wander over to this area, you are likely to run into several people.  Mark Edwards hewing logs by hand, Aunt Judy telling tall tales, the Homestead Pickers pick'n and singing, Jack Roach singing an impromptu song (he oversees the Homestead Ridge group and has an amazing singing voice) and Jack and Sharon Farrow to name a few.


Jack Farrow (pictured here with his wife Sharon) is the iconic SDC greeter, front porch picker, storyteller and a beacon for those lost or needing a simple direction to someplace like the Outlaw Run roller coaster.  Sharon is the schoolmarm at the one-room school house.  Before entering the school room, I would recommend brushing up on your 1800's manners.  Order, respect, and proper grammar is a requirement (applies to adults - kids are welcome to come in and learn something).  Trust me, step out of line and you'll be at the blackboard choking on chalk dust as you write 100 times, "I will not act up, pass notes or misbehave." And over in the corner of the school house is a circle on the wall about nose high that I'm all too familiar with (just say'n).





My favorite pictures are candid shots when people are just themselves. Jack and Sharon were listening to the Homestead Pickers at the cabin kitchen door when I saw this picture waiting to be taken.  You just have to be patient.  When they looked over at me, my camera was ready.

Jack and Sharon Farrow


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