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April 9, 2017




It wouldn't be fitting to feature pictures of Greg Becker and Walt Morrison without featuring another of the Homestead Pickers.  Greg Bailey, a master musician, puts the 'A' in antics. Besides his freedom on the frets of the fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, Dobro and that 'watch that bite'n goose' horn, he is the king of jocundity, subtle one-liners and wry commentary. Beyond his homespun merriment and mastery of the strings (best known for his fiddle, banjo and mandolin), he is a songwriter, teacher and mentor to those coming up the bluegrass ranks.


One afternoon Greg shared that a judge had sent a troubled youth to live with him on his farm for awhile. Now I'll admit what first crossed my mind -- was the punishment to live with a banjo player? It turned out it was an opportunity to learn the value of right thinking and hard work. I hope all turned out and that the individual picked up a few banjo licks out of the deal.


Well, it's that time of year where bluegrass devotee's make their way to SDC for the May (4th - 29th) Bluegrass & BBQ Festival.   Click here for a list of the SDC Bluegrass & BBQ Festival 2017 Performers.  But one group you should not miss is the Homestead Pickers.  Check out their chalkboard on the front of the cabin for their schedule.



What's an example of perfect pitch?

When you toss a banjo in a dumpster and it hits an accordion!


How do you address a banjo player in a three piece suit?

Will the defendant please rise!


(Disclaimer: These are the Pickers jokes -- not mine)


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