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March 5, 2017






It takes a

long time

to grow

an old friend


- Author Unknown





One of the joys of visiting Silver Dollar City is seeing friends (well, they don't have any choice).  Camped out on the main square during the Harvest Festival is Mike and Sue Sears.  It is nice to have a place to hang your hat.  Susie lets me keep my rain slicker and camera gear at their booth while I'm off 'seeing friends' (inside joke).


Mike is a sign painter and car detailer by trade and started painting country scenes on cut lumber at the suggestion of a friend.  I remember one year when I showed up at their booth and saw Mike's 'Seasons of Life' painting on a 4' slice of lumber.  It was just stunning.  Last year I saw someone admiring a print of the same and was telling them that the original was painted on an 8' cut of lumber.  It keeps getting longer every year.  Susie rolls her eye's and politely corrects the story.


It is always great to see our SDC friends (not that they have much choice).




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