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February 12, 2017

 There's a New Cinderella In Town On occasion, I'll add to or slightly modify a previous story. This time I completely rewrote it. On a recent occasion, I asked my wife if she would sew a button back on a pair of pants and if she could do it today. She looked up at me, over the tissues covering her nose and said: "there's a new Cinderella in town" (I'm sure it was the cold medicine talking - a cold she reminds me I gave her). It caused me to recall this picture that I took in October 2015. Pictured (not my wife but I recognize the look) is one of the newest Silver Dollar City Street Troupe players, or at least I think she was new to SDC at the time. They were performing one of the many skits on Main Street. As we have come to know many of the people at SDC, you quickly learn that they are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. I'm certain this is just her 'stage face' (or at least I hope it is). _______________ Happy Valentines Day!


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