It is interesting the phrases I use without any understanding of its origin.  'Under the Weather' is often used to express an illness or not feeling well.  According to Urban Dictionary, during the early days of sailing the captain's log recorded the name of every sailor who was sick.  If there were more sailors sick than what could be listed in the particular section of the Captain's log, additional names would be listed in the next section that was reserved for weather conditions.  As such those individuals were listed 'under the weather.'


And that was my state this weekend.  Instead of posting a new picture and story I am reverting to a rerun.



Thanks to all of you who inquired as to my well-being following my (all but) brief bout with a cold -- all two of you.


Over to a friends home for dinner and a movie, I was offered what can only be described as 'cold medicine hooch.'  Other offers included one sure-fire cold remedy. "Drink hot tea with lemon from old Luther's boot." Apparently, the blend of leather and tea has some medicinal value heretofore not mentioned in any medical journal. The advice continues "It helps to drink a pint of Royal Crown first" (signed 'Ole Doc Griffin').


I chose to follow my doctor's recommendation, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids and avoid natural causes.  You can't beat that.


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