"When you read

a line

that is so

well-written, you just close the book


stare at the wall

for a minute . . ."


- Anonymous


I think the same

of a photograph

that is

so well taken

that you just want to

stare at it for a minute.




January is one of those months, depending on where you live, where you tend to hunker down, stay inside and stay warm.  The simple indoor accouterment's and decor are as good for the soul as a warm blanket and midday nap.


I entered a photo in the photography group January meeting contest.  Each member voted for their favorite images with the top three spots going to the pictures with the most votes.  My picture didn't even place.  No doubt each person felt that their picture was a winner and maybe a little disappointed if there picture wasn't selected in the top three.


I think the times that you don't win are possibly more important than the wins.  It helps you fine tune your efforts and that in turn helps you to develop what may be your very best work.  While it a great joy to be recognized by your peers, never stray from that which is uniquely you.  Don't try to find what the majority likes and change your work, rather work to improve your craft so that you sway the crowd.



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