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If someone had suggested to me to 'keep a journal' the 1's and 0's of the left brain would have pulverized the notion with the mental exercise of solving a differential equation.  The right brain would have barely known of the invitation.  The thought of writing daily gibberish, my idea of what a journal is all about, would have been the furthest thing from my mind.


I have lived most of my life in a left brained world.  It has its perks; you can split the bill when out to dinner with friends.  It has only been in the past few years that I have allowed the right brain any freedom to exercise its traits.  I wished that I had thought or had been encouraged to keep a journal on special occasions.  I think back to a trip I took out of the country many years back.  At the time you don't think about such things.  It was all about the adventure that propels you with little consideration to the thought of looking back years later.


In a sneaky unknowing way (the left brain didn't have a clue) I did keep a journal in the form of 33 pictures on the 14-day trip.  What I wished I had done was to have taken more pictures and augment that with written content.  The first time experiences are some of the best things to journal.


If I were to take a major trip again today (or any new adventure), I would have a paper journal at hand. I would steal away a few moments to document that day's experiences.  My left brain is rolling its eye, "you'll probably lose your journal."  To which I reply, "I'll take a picture of each page and e-mail it home at the end of the day."  I'm of the persuasion that it is better to ink journal entries on paper rather than rely on my thumb to peck out the same in one of those journal apps.  "Ha" retorts the right brain, "you'll probably lose your phone."  The left brain smirks and thinks "I'll e-mail my file home at the end of each day."  To which I reply "all this left brain, right brain stuff has left me exhausted".  Time for something mindless like a nap (I'll let the subconscious duke it out)!





Your goals for the trip or adventure.

Where you traveled that day.
Where you stayed each day.

How you traveled.

What the weather was like.

People you meet.

The currency type and cost of different items.

What you had to eat and where.

Cultural differences of your day.

What you liked and what you didn't.

Places you would like to visit if you were to return.

What you would bring or not bring on a next trip.

Thoughts and ideas from the day.

Things you learned.

Your thoughts as you experienced something new.



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