Photo by: Michael L. McElroy


Bonne année 2017!


I was at my desk working on this New Years picture and story, not having anything in mind except a retrospective look back on some of my favorite photos and stories.  My wife came into the room and said: "did you see this e-mail from our son"?  I hadn't, and we looked at the e-mail together.  There, with one of four attached pictures, was our son, a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  He was wishing us Happy New Year -- FROM PARIS!  WHAT?  There was not so much of a peep about his trip (no doubt planned) when we were with him at Christmas.  But that is so much our son.


Any parent hopes for better things for their children, and we were excited beyond measure for him.  This has been a dream of his for some time.  All the better because of his study of the French language.  Well, we will find out more about his trip when he calls us this morning.


May your dreams come true for you!

Happy New Year!





"Dreams are often accompanied by a strong desire to fulfill them".


- Charles R. Swindoll





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