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My son and I have ridden all of the rides at Silver Dollar City (save for the newest kids rides — we’re too tall).  One of my favorites after all these years is the Frisco Silver Dollar Steam Train ride.  Every year we get robbed by those uneducated Bolin brothers.  You would think they would do something about that.


On a recent trip with my wife (our 40th anniversary) I was hoping to ride the train before the end of our day at SDC.  During the Christmas festival, the train ride consists of a Christmas carol sing along with a stop along the way to hear grandpa tell the story of Christmas.


From the eye rolling, I knew I was going to have to work this just right.  “Let’s just go see how long the line is,” I said.  Who can argue with that?  We made our way past Grandfathers mansion, down near the old Taffy Shop to the end of the line.  Although it looks long, it goes pretty quick, particularly if they are running two trains (I knew they were only running one but didn’t say anything).  Even though we were back a ways I mentioned that we would probably be on the next train.  More eye rolling (ok, a lot of eye rolling) and a resigned if not slumped stance — nothing I can’t handle.


Everything was going well when out of the darkness from behind us my wife heard another vocalize her assessment to her husband.


So, we have to stand in this long line

to ride a train because you think you’re

three years old”.


What?  I can’t compete with that.  I was sunk. No Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way for me.  My halls were decked.  My hope of riding the train was dashed away, dashed away, dashed away all.  Robbed again and this time I wasn't even on the train (I didn't know those Bolin brothers had a sister and that she was standing a few feet behind me).  The jig was up and I knew it.  I did the honorable thing and stepped out of line on my own accord and began my long, resigned if not slumped walk out of the park.  I can only hope that the 'three year old' behind me got to ride the train.


And just for the record, I was only thinking I was ten years old.



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