Out one morning to take a picture of this barn (hidden in the fog) I came upon this arthropod's art gallery (no doubt one with a passion for geometry and possibly differential equations).  The morning dew helped to define the web in the camera lens.  The whole of it reminded me of the string game we played as kids (at least us pre 'Game Boy' kids) called the Cats Cradle.  By looping a string through the fingers on both hands and applying a series of maneuvers, you would create a structure of different shapes.


I have noticed that in some of my writings I unintentionally weave a plural theme into the story  (check out the Union Station story).  I think this may be my first picture where the plurality was composed of the image.



I get 15 minutes of Cardio exercise each morning I walk out the front door and get a face full of

spider web.



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