In the Flint Hills of Kansas, the nation's last great expanse of tallgrass prairie anchors a world renewed by fire.


- Verlyn Klinkenborg



I realize the 'Gone Photographing' shingle on my website for the summer months might suggest that I have some new material.  I have been laying low from the summer heat (not my favorite time of year).  Now that fall is here I am looking forward to sitting around a wood fire sipping hot chocolate with a chill in the air.  I need to find my favorite sweatshirt, belt buckle, boots and camera pack in anticipation of getting out and enjoying all that the fall has to offer.


The summer was not without activity.  We had to ease a sister into retirement (a hard 25 years of teaching).  The assistance was all for not.  She bolted out of that endeavor and is flitting around the country.  We may never see her again (except on her birthday, she likes to go out to eat on our nickel).  A niece has been handed off in marriage.  We toured the tallgrass national prairie reserve in the flint hills and were mesmerized by an army of Prairie Dog's next to the Hutchinson, Kansas Walmart (who no doubt chose their location for easy access to the cedar chips and pellet food section).  We've enjoyed breakfast and dinners with our son.  I did have the opportunity to photograph two golf classics.  With every outing, I learn something new.


Well, a check of the weather radar has shown the approaching storms are getting close with its promise to bring cooler temperatures.  It will be hot chocolate for breakfast.



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