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I like the beauty of a newly constructed building, with its fresh lumber smell.  But there is also a beauty of that which has weathered a few years. This church building, in its final days, was close to succumbing to the elements.  An effort was mounted to re-purpose the stained glass windows for use in a newly constructed chapel.  When I saw this image, I was stunned by the beauty of the weathered boards and peeling paint surrounding the stained glass.


We partook in a local Vintage Days event this weekend, a building full of individuals who reclaim and resell any number of old and by most standards used up items.  Some items would receive a new coat of paint, or odd items were cleverly re-purposed such as the side of a wood box made into a serving tray by adding a couple of cabinet handles.  Old doors and furniture absent plastic parts served as display cabinets and were also for sale.


The whole of this was a great business lesson.  A well-known department store, when open, did not charge an admission fee, provided a climate controlled atmosphere with a full inventory of items, but could not stay in business at this location.  But an organization that coordinates a group of independent vendors with old used articles sets up shop (albeit for three days) in the same building with no air conditioning.  The event was packed so tight with people that it was hard to move around assuming you were able to find a place to park.  And they charged a $5 admission fee.  I dunno.


It's good to see that which has been, hold its value and has a greater beauty about it.




"I love when things are scraped, beaten, and chipped.

Those qualities take me back in time, and I never tire of looking at them."


- Michelle Pattee



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