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I'm a big fan of the Animal Planet TV show 'Treehouse Masters'.  Pete Nelson and crew build these dream-come-true tree houses.  Pictured, is one recently constructed at Dogwood Canyon and is one of a few tree houses built by Pete Nelson that you can visit and go inside (most of the tree houses they build are on private property).


This tree house was the one I had in mind when I was growing up however ours never made it past two closet doors nailed to branches high in a favorite tree in our backyard.  We didn't have railings, rope netting or any other safety features.  It was a do or die youth.  I can almost remember every branch as we ascended the tree.  We could be four stories high swaying in the breeze in less than minute (and not one picture of this boyhood structure).


This Dogwood Canyon tree house has two stories complete with a spiral staircase inside.  Click on the image to the left to view more pictures of this masterpiece.





"Tree Houses Are The

Ultimate Return To Nature"


- Pete Nelson


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