"A good




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- Ansel Adams



Last week's photo featured the recent opening of the new Mill, Artifact Museum and Canyon Grill (a reclaimed barn as I understand it) at Dogwood Canyon.  We've visited this nature park on a couple of occasions a few years back and only happened on the recent opening of these new buildings on our recent trip to the Ozarks.


The far building is a new working mill complete with a water wheel and grinding stone inside.  Straddling the creek is the artifact museum and walkway to the Canyon Grill (left).  The foreground is the outdoor patio.  Just off to the right is a waterfall (click on the picture to view).


The whole of this is what I call 'rustic opulence' Ozark style.  This location is a full day of outdoor activity complete with trails you can walk, ride bikes, take the tram and even motor around on Segways.  You can fish the creeks and otherwise enjoy the beauty of the Ozarks.  I can only imagine what this looks like in the fall.


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