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May 1, 2016



Sometimes you just need to put your feet up and rest a spell.


It has been about three months since I've purposefully gone out to take pictures.  For many years, I would take a picture of just about anything.  That's not such a bad thing as it has served as a journal of events through the years. More recently I have found myself to be a little more discriminating (almost to the point of not taking any pictures - not a good thing).  As such I have been relying on my archives for the picture of the week.


There is a measure of discontentment with my prior work, and I am compelled to go out, use what I have learned and capture a new look.  It's what keeps a photographer going (a good thing).


It is funny how an idea pops into my head.  And so it was with this week's picture, sit'n on the back porch reading and wondering what this week's picture and story should be.  And so I snapped a picture of my boots.




"Rest and be thankful"


- Willam Wordsworth










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