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April 24, 2016





"The human bird

shall take his

first flight,

filling the world

with amazement,

all writings

with his fame,

and bringing

eternal glory

to the nest


he sprang."


- Leonardo da Vinci



A peak out the front door side glass assures all is well.  A mother bird is sitting on her nest of three.  The spring wreath is an attractive nest location with its portico and protection from the weather.  We watch the nest building process, then check and see the eggs, but as it would often happen, it ended in some tragedy.  Either the wreath came loose, or we would open the door too quickly forgetting the occupants on the other side.  The result was always the same, an omelet on our front stoop.


We got wiser this year and moved the wreath to the sidewall and secured it to withstand the stiffest winds.  Our reward is three little beaks poking up from the nest when the mother is present, and when not, three small bodies snuggled down waiting for her return, the only sign of life is their breathing.  If all goes well, we'll see them up on the side of the nest boldly taunting gravity in the full bravado of any new nestling.


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