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April 3, 2016



The tagline '25,000 Mornings' (a reference to the number we get to experience in the average life span) followed by a series of breathtaking morning images to entice you to visit their state caught my attention.  Whenever you put things in a different perspective, it causes you to think.  I'm not normally a morning person, but when I travel, I do enjoy that part of the day (particularly the breakfast).


For some time now it has been a dream of mine to combine two things that I like, photography and the outdoors.  A part of me is a 'well prepared' survivalist.  No, I don't live in a missile silo or have provisions beyond a few days but the thought of being out in the woods and forced to spend a night or two, I would want enough stuff with me to pull that off.


One of my favorite shows, 'Fat Guys in the Woods' with  Creek Stewart, an Eagle Scout on steroids and a passioned survivalist, teaches three couch dwellers how to survive with just the basics over the course of 5 days/nights.  While there is a lot to learn (e.g. which berries can you eat and which will have you heaving through the evening), I have learned some interesting tidbits.  One such learning moment was that pine resin from a pine tree is a great fire start (particularly if you are starting it with a flint and steel striker, in the wind and rain).  Knowing how to build a fire, shelter and locate and treat water are the three basics.   I'm anxious to try out my gear, and so I will endeavor to do so.  And while I'm out doing that perhaps I can get some great early morning pics.


How many mornings do I have?  Let's see, a little quick math, excluding work days, yikes I better get busy and enjoy those mornings.

"If you want to make your Dreams come true,

the first thing to do is wake up"


- J.M. Power


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