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January 31, 2016


"If you're


shootin' bad,


you need a


new gun.


If you're


shootin' well,


you deserve a


new gun!"


(Author Unknown but probably a hunter)




I had the opportunity to participate in a men's retreat this weekend.  Teaching, food, fun, campfire, cabins.  It was a great time.  To wrap things up it has been the custom of this particular retreat for some trap shooting.  Photographing the same has a lot of similarities with golf, its the same thing over and over.  The joy though, is to the shooter who hits his target and to the "puller who can throw the clay in the pattern".   I look to capture something unique in each image.  I settled on shutter speed priority for this event (1/1000).  With the assistance of 10 frames a second handling I was successful in catching muzzle flash at the end of the barrel, shot pattern leaving the gun, smoke and shell ejection and direct hits on the targets.


There were a lot of great shots (err I mean pics) to choose from but I settled on the above with one of the pros shooting his new Titanium shotgun.  Two clay pigeons are on their way out over the pond.



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