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January 10, 2016



You might be thinking "there sure are a lot of bird pictures on this site".  That's because our home association does not support the habitat for elk, deer, beaver, otter or cougar's (although I did see a fox just up the block).


During the winter months our backyard looks pretty much like a black and white photo straight out of the 1940's.  But every once in a while, amidst the sea of gray is the bold and boisterous male redbird assuming command high among the branches of the tree out back.  Other birds are present but from a distance they appear to be nothing more than a pine cone or some other protruding outgrowth along a limb.



Our anticipated 2 to 3 inches of fresh snow fizzled into light snow flurry's and the winters frigid temperatures stole the show.


We have the habit of maintaining an emergency bag (backpack) in the trunk of our car.  Slowly we have amassed a number of items that would allow us to maintain our current lifestyle in the event of an emergency.  We have a small stove to heat water for our coffee.  There are two different water filtration systems to assure that the water for our coffee tastes like it came from the refrigerator instead of the nearby creek.  There are emergency blankets that reflect 95% of body heat (assuming we haven't first frozen).  Essentially we have something for every contingency except the one thing we needed tonight -- De-Icer to unlock a frozen door lock (and now we have that).


Someday I'll take a winter trip and try out all this gear.  If I perish, then I at least had a good cup of coffee.


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