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January 03, 2016

 The Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge was established August 23, 1935 as an Executive Order by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
SQUAW CREEK NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Located northwest of St. Joseph, Missouri is the Squaw Creek National Wildlife refuge. Picture above (the mass) are Snow Geese. The official count when I visited was approximately 126,059 although I think it was closer to the 220,000 count a couple weeks earlier. As many are in the air, also are on the water surface. They arrived in waves, circling as they settled in the water. Every once in a while something would spook them and they would lift off (depicted in the picture above) only to circle around and settle back down. The refuge is made up of 3,400 acres of wetlands and is home and habit to a variety of wildlife including eagles. Click on the picture to view the weekly waterfowl counts.


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