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December 13, 2015

"When I get bored, or get stuck on an equation, I like to go ice skating, but it makes you forget your problem. Then you can tackle the problem with a fresh new insight. Einstein liked to play the violin to relax. Every physicist likes to have a past time. Mine is ice skating." - Michio Kaku (physicist and accomplished ice skater)




This picture was taken last December from the Crown Center Hotel, overlooking the Crown Center Ice Rink.  A holiday tradition for many, it reminded me of the activity of life in downtown Bloomington, Illinois, the location of the Woolen Mill Store (the namesake for this site).  While they didn't have an ice rink downtown (save for the parking lots on occasion), it was very much a central point of activity, particularly during the holidays.  The privileges accorded family of a business along Main street gave you access to heated second floor viewing of the Christmas parade.


The Topaz filter I used for this picture lit up the two tree's in the lower left, hence the Fire & Ice caption.



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