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October 25, 2015





"I'm so glad


I live in a world


where there are





- L. M. Montgomery,

Anne of Green Gables



Most of my October pictures come from somewhere else -- the country, the Ozarks.  This picture greets me every October in our front yard.  Every year this Sweet Gum turns a beautiful red, orange, yellow and green, and always a different color pattern.  It has been featured on this site with other fall foliage images and as a host to several bird pictures.


Something I learned at the Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival this year (yes, a trip to SDC is both fun and educational) explains the different pigmentation.


"Weeks of cool, bright,sunny days and chilly nights (with no frost)

create the brightest fall leaf colors.

The side of the tree exposed to bright sunlight

might turn red, while the shady side of the same tree

may turn Yellow!"




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