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October 18, 2015



The Wilderness Church at Silver Dollar City is 166 years old this year. Originally built on a site at Bear Lake (near Branson) it was relocated to Silver Dollar City in 1960.


If I do nothing else when I visit Silver Dollar City, I make sure to stop by this church on every visit to sit and spend a little time.  Then, I make a beeline to the cabin next door.  On the front porch is Frisco Jack telling one of his masterfully told, jump off the page, stories that has you leaning in to the very end.  Next up is The Homestead Pickers.  On a Sunday morning it is one of the best praise and worship services around.  A raucous crowd has gathered to listen and sing songs like I'll Fly Away, Wayfaring Stranger, Tear My Stillhouse Down (a gospel song for moonshiners) and Foggy Mountain Breakdown.  Wait, you say Foggy Mountain Breakdown isn't a gospel song.  Well, if you lump it in with what Danny Eakin likes to say 'make a joyful noise unto the Lord' then it counts.


The Pickers always wrap up their 30 minute session with the same song.  I don't know the name of it but it is said more than sung, a cappella.  The first verse goes like this 'Are we outa time?', then someone in a gruff matter of fact manner recites the second verse 'yea, were outa time', then Danny finishes with the last verse 'well, we better quit - clap your hands cause we're through play'n'.  I don't like this song.


On a brisk autumn morning fall's foliage swirls across the ground, the SDC Steam Train whistle blows thick through the hills, tall tales and acoustic music from the cabin's front porch echo's back.  I can only imagine what I'm missing on the days I'm not there.


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