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September 27, 2015

Pictured above are the kind folk from the

Big River Ranch

northeast of Lexington, Missouri


All things equestrian, trail riding, camping, boarding

and event barn.


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If you were to listen to my wife you would think that we drive a couple of vehicles that are a model year older than this covered wagon.  Admittedly, one of my favorite sayings is (when it is clear to her that we should have put both out of their misery five years ago)  "I think I can save it".


Yes, they have their quirks.  The windshield wipers and electronic door locks seem to have a mind of their own on one and the other leaves an unknown substance underneath (nothing vital to the operation of the car though).  If friends ride in the car I insist on proof of a current tetanus shot.  Both start and get us to where we are going in all kinds of weather (although we don't drive them further than we can walk home).


There are advantages to owning an older vehicle.  First, we no longer have to put up with those annoying recall notices. Second, if someone opens their door on the side of ours, they just might do hundreds of dollars of improvements.  Third, the car tends to fix itself.  When you hit a bump in the road and the radio switches to mono, it switches back to stereo at the next pot hole.  The best part of an older car is that we've been riding on the lifetime warranty parts repairs for years.


No doubt we'll have to start looking for one of those new Conestoga wagons soon,  complete with a couple of those grass efficient burro's.  I can't wait.




About a month after I posted this story, the tail pipe on the van separated from the muffler in a location that meant certain 'full muffler and pipe' replacement (engine block to the back bumper).  Needless to say someone's foot was put down (not naming names) about spending one more dime on this vehicle.  After a week of assuring her that fixing it up would bring a greater trade in value, she reluctantly decided to take it to the muffler shop hoping that a million dollar estimate would put any notion of repair to rest once and for all.  To our surprise, it turned out the muffler and pipes were in fact covered by a lifetime warranty and our cost was only $64 (for labor).  The worst of it was that while they had the van on the rack the store manager showed her the bottom of the vehicle and all the things they check, noting that for the age and mileage on this vehicle "it was in remarkable condition".  I wasn't there but I can assure you she looked up at the van and thought "aren't I a lucky girl" (her favorite saying).


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