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September 20, 2015



Fall officially begins this week, my favorite time of the year.  While I take a break from the weekly pictures and stories during the summer, I am not idle.  I had the opportunity to get out and take pictures at the Big River Ranch north of Lexington, Missouri.  A two day trip, we planned to take pictures the evening we arrived and spend the night in a bunk house.  It was one of those 90+ degree evenings (in the shade).  I was dreading the thought of fighting for a fit night of sleep in the heat but at the last minute, the country kindness of this group allowed us to stay in an available camper complete with electricity, running water and an air conditioner (I fought to keep warm).  Up early the next morning and after a quick breakfast, we headed out for more pictures. Several individuals from the camp ran their horses across a field for the benefit of our cameras.


I'm not much of a horseman and most of my pictures of horses are . . . well, standing by a fence somewhere.  This opportunity was to put the features of my new camera to use and capture the motion of the horse in a full gallop.


The special effect in this image comes from the Topaz Impression filter that gives a traditional painted look while allowing me to retain some of the detail on the subject.




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