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May 10, 2015









"Hello Rabbit,

is that you?

Let's pretend

it isn't, said Rabbit,

and see what happens"


- A.A. Milne

FLOWER POTS AND WILDLIFE There I was, sitting on the back porch, enjoying the occasional light rain and reading when this kin to a hare ambles by. It casually makes its way over to our rose bush and begins to groom. I'm thinking, when did I lose my 'to be feared status'. Really? Do the cowboy boots and my master of the outdoors aura not cause fear and trembling in a manner that wildlife saunters by within inches? I did the only thing I could think of, I rose slowly and made my way inside to get my camera. I don't know why I occasioned to move slowly as I think I could have charged this mammalian full on and would have been met by a 'hold your ground -- show your teeth" stance. Apparently, the wildlife in our backyard have nicknamed me 'muffin'. Next time I'm on the porch I'm going to have my cast iron pot with a 'stew' recipe affixed to the cooking pot tripod. Happy Mothers Day!


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