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April 19, 2015




I've had a number of comments on the Flint Hills prairie burn pictures.  Some have shared their personal accounts driving on the highways through the Flint Hills during the early Spring.  On our recent trip to Manhattan we drove through a lot of smoke but did not see any active burning (possibly left over from the prior night or a really early morning burn).


The flames from the short grass burns don't seem like much, we were able to step over them on to the burnt side without any issue,  however I was amazed at the amount of smoke.  When there are several fire lines and/or when the wind shifts, you can find yourself getting a bit disoriented particularly when you are afoot -- without a horse (who else would be caught like this but a photographer).  After focusing on one area for awhile we turned around and was surprised at the wall of dark that was upon us.  It passed -- we lived.


This day burn picture captures the burn as it inched along the land.  The cowboys kept an eye on this prairie slow dance making sure all was well.




“A true cowboy is one who says it was nothing when it was everything

and that believes that he did better than first but worse than last.”


- Author Unknown





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