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February 22, 2015



There was a mystery and excitement to the unexpected meteorological happenings as a kid.  We didn't have minute by minute weather reports on the Internet or cable TV.  We relied on the Farmers Almanac, the knees of older relatives and if a Cub Scout, your Cobalt Chloride treated construction paper weather station (blue=ok; pink=watch out).  You would go to bed with someone bemoaning their arthritic joint and wake to 12" of fresh snow.


I think we have lost something with all the advanced forecasting technology.  This morning there was to be 1" of ice with travel impossible.  I was not surprised, at best there was 1/8" ice in the trees and travel was like any other Spring day.   On this bright sunny morning, across the street in our neighbors yard was an interesting phenomenon.   It was raining -- nowhere else but under their front yard tree.  The sun was hitting the branches and melted what ice we did have.  It rained, a hearty rain (under the tree) for about thirty minutes.


For a few minutes I thought about how to capture such an image in a still photograph and eventually settled for breakfast instead.




This weeks picture is a typical scene out our backyard (on a snowy day).  The birds pick through the seed in the variety of feeders.  How they can tell good seed versus some vagrant wood chip I don't know but you can see them pick up a small speck of something and immediately discard if not edible.



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