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February 08, 2015

 Bull Wall

Just north of the Kansas City American Royal building located in the West Bottoms is this commissioned art piece known to cowboys, cowgirls, horsemen and women and bar-b-queuer's as 'Bull Wall' by Robert Morris.  If you've been to the American Royal you'll note this is my version of the wall (click on the picture to see it as it is).  The many stances of a bull have been cut from the 1 inch think steel plates.


Out with friends (by golly we have em) we toured the KC American Royal Museum to learn the history of the American Royal and the Kansas City Stockyards.  In its heyday tens of thousands of cattle, hogs and such would cross through or end up at the stockyards for (how should I say this) . . . processing.


One of the museum exhibits is a cattle weigh station.  To truly participate in the bovine experience one must walk the plank (so to speak) and be weighed.  There was a slight shudder of the scale mechanism as I took my position. There on the wall of the exhibit was my weight and the equivalent number of market pigs, chickens, market lambs or feeder steers.  I'm just thankful an auctioneer wasn't in the building at the time.  It didn't take long for our party of eight to fill the penned platform for a group weigh in.  Let's just say the numbers displayed on the scale weren't in ounces.  I would have posted the picture and stat's but there was a frank discussion regarding my continued membership in this cultured group if such a photo or weigh numbers were to leak out.  As this group knows the best places to eat in KC, I heeded their advice.  Next stop -- some of KC's finest BBQ for lunch.



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