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February 01, 2015

 "Cats are mysterious kind of folk - there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of." - Sir Walter Scott



Known around our house as 'Kye-a-lee', this long drawn out pronunciation (used when he has done something he may be proud of but not us) is said and said often.  He is our four your old 'rescued from the pound' kitty and the only of our cats to keep his four wheel drive.  He 'loves' his ability to scale almost anything vertically.  We refer to him as a wildebeest due to his early morning and late evening shenanigans (it sounds like one galloping through the house).


His great joy in life, besides schmoozing me for a packet of something, anything in a decadent creamy broth, is his morning jaunt on our back porch.  Born near a creek he has that taste for the outdoors (provided it is a proper 71 degrees).


Kylie is my main photo subject when I'm trying out a new lens.  It was on one of his back porch excursions that he peered up at me for the brief sub second needed to take this picture.






The idea for this picture/story came having learned that a friend, who after a 22 year career with Silver Dollar City, picked up a paint brush and started a second career as a wildlife and commissioned pet representations artist.  Marty Schmitt comes from a family of creative artists.  The canvas for her work isn't the ordinary fabric or papyrus, rather it is the durable Ozark sandstone.  Check out Marty's website and her amazing artwork and find out how you can have a painting of a favorite pet (click on the link below).




You can read more about Marty's art on (page 10) of the February 2015 edition of Rural Missouri Magazine.


Rural Missouri Magazine






The Many 'Kylie' Adventures






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