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January 25, 2015



Perhaps it is the self imposed deadline to select a photo and come up with a story each week that my mind usually has the story developed in time to meet the weekly Sunday 'electronic rolling of the presses'.  On other occasions I'm left high and dry as was the case this week.


Visiting with friends we talked about each others art forms (painting and photography) and the difficulty to do that one most important thing -- to pick up the brush or the camera and put pigment to canvas or light to the image processor.  Sometimes you need a break (the one reason I take the Summer off from this site) but not too long.


We share updates and talk about the joy of getting older (ok, the exasperation of it all) but always with a sense of humor.  At one point our conversation turned to a quilt they received as a gift and the idea that it might make for a good picture.


This image would have been fine without it but I have come to enjoy the rich color and the fine detail of HDR photography (odd for someone whose images might be best described as 'soft focus pictorialism').


I carry my camera most places I go, and now with a little knowledge of HDR photography, my tripod as well.  We ended our visit with a few pictures of the quilt and fortunately for me this weeks story and picture.

This quilt was crafted with 196 different fabric pieces.  Each fabric square is so precisely sized that the U.S. Office of Weights and Measures could use it as a standard (and they probably do).


The picture and writ'n is approved by the Editor-in-Chief of this outfit.

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