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January 18, 2015



To set the mood for this weeks picture first click on this link to play the Steve Wingfield Band rendition of Blue Moon (make sure to return to this page once the music starts).


A photography field trip put me at the Kansas City Union Station, bumping camera bags with other photographers.  Not only does this net you tips and tricks on how to capture that spectacular image but also where the back stairs are to the third floor balconies.  Each of these images are balcony vantage points overlooking the main floor activities and decor.


As I'm working on this week's pictures and story I'm listening to the lazy sounds of the Big Band audio to Moonlight Serenade, Blue Moon and Sentimental Journey, a close dance with the ambiance and elegance of this building.


It is events like this field trip that helps me come up with ideas.  I need to come back with more time (maybe multiple trips) to capture a series of pictures in the format of a slide show set to the music that captures this grand era.


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