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November 30, 2014



New at the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, Kansas is this Monet sculpture by Gary Lee Price located in the Monet gardens.  What better picture to introduce my new efforts into HDR photography.  Through the tutelage of Blake Rudis's Color Zone System and HDR workflow I offer my first HDR photo.  HDR or High Dynamic Range photography involves a lot more planning, time and effort into the process of taking and then creating the final photo.  Blake refers to it as painting with your photos.


After I worked my way through the Color Zone System tutorials (admittedly it was my first pass through -- I'll need to go back to absorb the fine nuances offered in this course work) I realized that I needed to scope out the right picture.  I spent the morning visiting some of my favorite rural places to take pictures before landing on a visit to the Arboretum.  It was the end of my trip out and I was thinking more about getting home than working my way through the Botanical Gardens (but I'm glad I did).


I had one primary requirement -- I wanted to incorporate my new 85mm 1:8 lens into the selected picture.  Beyond your lens choice the first thing needed for HDR photography is a camera that has the ability to take three different pictures at different exposure settings (exposure bracketing for the seasoned photographer).  The second is a software program to combine the three images into one, capturing those elements difficult to represent from a single exposure.  And finally the Color Zone System and actions that allow you to adjust the colors independently.  It is an amazing process.


Check out the Arboretum and spend some time at the Monet Sculpture.  If you are interested in learning more about HDR photography visit Blake Rudis's site at www.blakerudisphotography.com and EverydayHDR.com.  My efforts working with HDR photography brought back the same joy and excitement as when I developed my first roll of film many years ago.  You realize that it is only the beginning.


“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

-Claude Monet




P.S. I wanted to note that the Color Zone System and HDR workflow course material is rich in content,

instruction and information.  I did not want my introductory efforts (where it may fall short) to reflect on Blake's amazing

mastery and understanding of this exciting field of photography.  And where the picture hits the mark, it was something

I could not have accomplished without the special knowledge and training.  I realize though I have much still to learn.




To view this image without the HDR workflow click on the image.



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