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November 09, 2014



I watch different artists bring to life an original work of art in a number of different mediums.  Some are pencil sketches (my son), some use only their thumb and fingers (Julie Rice), oils (Janet Woods), acrylics and water colors (Don Dane and Buck Taylor) and even enamel sign paint (Mike Sears).  I am sure in the mind of the artist they see the lights and darks and apply their talents, inks and paints in that manner to bring their creation to light.


I am inspired by each, but for sure do not have the kind of talent (and maybe even the patience).  What I enjoy is  photography and all that can be done with digital editing.


Inspired by the pencil sketch artists I attempted to create a similar look.  Pictured to the right is Tom Krejci, a fur trapper from central  Missouri. Tom was at Silver Dollar City's Harvest festival this past October.  Whenever I see someone step from a history book I like to capture their image in as candid a moment as possible.  In this case Tom obliged my unspoken (but hard to ignore when you position a camera in front of someone) request for a picture.


It is  moments like this (for the picture subject and a measure of authenticity) that I enjoy about Silver Dollar City.


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