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October 19, 2014



One of my favorite photo subjects at Silver Dollar City is Mark Edwards the log hewer.  Just off the main square by the cabin, Mr. Edwards puts forth what few people have in terms of strength, stamina, patience or confidence at any age.  Taking whole logs he stands atop and methodically notches along each side removing the outside edges before he takes his broadax and finishes off each side.    It is a deliberate, slow and steady process.


I was reminded of my recent golf photography outing and the admonishment to not make a peep at the time a golfer begins his swing. And how much more important this must be for someone swinging sharpened metal inches from their feet (of course this all came to me after I fired off 15 frames of Mr. Edwards in full swing).  He didn't miss his mark.  I suspect he is use to all sorts of sounds while he works, like the steam train whistle, the spontaneous applause from the cabin when The Homestead Pickers finishes one of their lengthy reels or the unannounced bray of the cantankerous mule at the sorghum making demonstration (not to mention the occasional yelp of a bluetick coonhound coming from the cabin). He would say that its not dangerous if you pay attention to what you are doing.


This isn't just a demonstration of log hewing -- Mr. Edwards is building a log cabin.  Many of his finished cabins are at the nearby Wilderness Campground.









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