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October 5, 2014


I like to take a picture, and using filters and blending techniques, give it a good photo-editing thrashing.


This picture was taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas from the 2nd floor of a building across the street.  While not graffiti, there is the beautifully painted scenes and product advertising on the brick wall.


The Editor-In-Chief of this outfit thinks that some of my pictures (post editing) are a bit too abstract.  What I like about this picture is not so much the high contrast color as the dominate black, as if a few brush strokes of paint has been applied to a black canvas in the form of an -- what's the word I'm looking for, oh yea --  'abstract'.


What do any of these pictures have to do with autumn you ask?  I just love Fall when all the buildings turn different colors.



The picture and writ'n is approved by the Editor-in-Chief of this outfit.

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