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September 28, 2014



Next to wood barns the old and smaller grain elevators are a favorite photo subject of mine.  Most have a similar design (built around functionality more than architectural aesthetics) and augmented with the necessary protuberances unique to the designer and specific needs of the grain elevator.


Most of these early elevators have been replaced by the palatial grain caissons with the capacity to store and move product measured in tons instead of bushels.  They are strategically located for optimal access by both rail, road and water vessel.


This elevator is located in the Historic Old Downtown Lenexa, Kansas.  Just to the left (and out of the picture) is the old train station.  The trains still run on this track.  Recently I learned there is an effort to restore this structure.  I think it would make a great small business office building (if you don't mind the occasional train rumble and leftover field mice).


I have posted some of my other grain elevators of the Midwest in the Gallery (click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this page).





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