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April 6, 2014



Saturday night is one my favorite times of the week.  While an evening out now and then is a treat I enjoy a few quiet moments working on a picture and story.  I'm not witty on my own account so I have to rely on the all important moment of inspiration.  This can't be rushed.  Patience is a virtue.  So here I sit with my fingers at the ready, hovering over the a, s, d, f and j, k, l, ; keys. Any moment now.  Sometimes it helps to put on some music.  Wait for it, wait for it -- OK, it looks like I'm on my own tonight.


The difference between a painter and a photographer is that a painter can typically paint anything they think of.  A photographer has to go out and find something to take a picture of.   That's fine with me as this is the opportunity to get outside and slog my way through the high grass, wetlands and snow drifts and otherwise enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer.


Something less likely to result in a snake bite, wet feet or frozen fingers is the recherché of historic shops in out of the way sleepy little towns.  I came across this picture at one such shop.  The image just popped out at me.  I typically ask permission to take a picture but often find that those with a 'point-and-shoot' camera, a Key West shirt, Bermuda shorts, calf high black socks and leather sandals have the advantage.  I enjoy visiting places that permit photography particularly if there are brick walls and stuff.




"I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning".


- Peter De Vries



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