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March 30, 2014



At least I now know people actually read this site.  The outcry over the mere mention last week of my hope for a late season blizzard (as a back drop for a new barn picture) was heard as far as east of the Mississippi.  Apparently 'suffering for your art' applies to the artist and not the viewers.


Well, Spring is at hand and I no doubt have seen my last snow this season.  The Redbirds are back (not that they really left) and will hopefully nest nearby.  They are a respite from the Blackbird thugs that 'help themselves' to our generous supply of bird food.  This Redbird was perched 'where's Waldo style' on a tree limb amongst a spray of green leaves.  The resulting picture is a cornucopia of filter and blending features.




"Maybe it was the same with people: if you studied them, you'd see new and different things.  But would you like what you saw?  Did it depend on who was doing the looking?"


- Sharon Creech, Chasing Redbird


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