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January 26, 2014



Quite literally I have cabin fever.  The Kansas weather pendulum has swung from single digit temperatures to double digits, warm enough to want to get out but for the other kind of fever (the ole glass encased mercury bulb hanging from your mouth) and the cold medicine induced stupor.  You know the kind where you think you are well enough to go out and chop a half cord of wood until you take a couple of steps.


With the weather turning warmer my thoughts turn to the grass growing and turning a rich and deep blue -- bluegrass.  Flat footin, cloggin, banjo's, mandolin's, fiddles and dobro's.  Sally Ann, Kentucky Borderline, Foggy Mountain Breakdown just to name a few.  I'm looking forward to the old and new talent at this years Silver Dollar City Bluegrass Festival.  Last year we heard a new group called 'That Dalton Gang' and look forward to hearing them again this year.


Well its time for my next plastic shot glass of cold remedy and the time honored advice of my physician 'get lots of sleep -- drink lots of fluids -- and avoid natural causes'.





"I try every remedy sent to me. I am now on No. 67. Yours is 2,653. I am looking forward to its beneficial results."


- Mark Twain



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