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January 12, 2014



There is a certain risk associated with writing at the 11th hour (plus 3).  What appears to be funny, interesting or semi intelligent at 2:00 in the morning doesn't always make the transition to the light of day.


An evening out with friends (yes, we have friends) was filled with what I call 2:00 am conversation (or at least my contribution).  It seemed interesting at the time.  At one point the talk turned toward dreaming big and it brought to mind a travel activity my wife, son and I used to do to while away the time on road trips.   Each of us would share what our 'dream vacation' was.  When it came to me I said "a week long Cruise in Alaska".  My son, with his patient parental respect, asked me if this was my dream vacation.  I replied that it was.  His summation was if it was a dream vacation -- why not 3 weeks.  It was obvious that I need to go to dream school.


It is fairly safe to say that most people have dreams and some even see them come to life.  A favorite book of mine is called 'The Dream Giver' by Bruce Wilkinson.  The first part of the book is an allegory and the second part is Mr. Wilkinson's mentoring as a dream coach.  Dreams can be as solid as concrete or as fragile as a snowflake.  Mine is closer to the latter but is slowly taking shape as my visualization becomes more and more defined.


I remind you the whole of this is a 2:00 (going on 3:00 am) literary moment.

"If it wasn't for the last minute

a whole lot of things wouldn't get done"


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