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December 1, 2013



One of my favorite Silver Dollar City photo locations is the Lye Soap stand.  They always have a fresh batch of soap on hand in a variety of colors and fragrances or just plain ole lye soap like granny use to make (although my granny didn't).


Now I'm not one to just take a picture.  I typically have to mess with it too.  Watercolors are one of my favorite art mediums.  To  capture the same (even if I have to edit the photo to do so) is on my mind when I look for a photo subject.


Of the many reasons I enjoy SDC one is that they allow you to take pictures and they don't have a lot of rules about the same.  Never-the-less, over the years, I've developed my own.  I'm embarrassed to say that I may have broken a couple (rules 1 and 3) on an occasion or two (not so much that you would notice though).  The whole of my picture taking experience is reflected in my efforts to capture and preserve what I enjoy most  (without being a pest).




(or how not to be a Pest)


1. Thou art a guest. Thou shalt not interfere with the shows or other operational aspects of the park when engaging in the process of exposing light-sensitive emulsion on glass plates, flexible strips of plastic or thy newer digital sensors.


2. Thou shalt not ask others to move or wait on you while you take a picture (it's an imposition on kind folk).


3. Thou shall not use a flash if it will interfere with the ambiance of the attraction or setting. If the Homestead Pickers turn to each other (in the middle of one of their reels) and say "what color is your dot" -- you're using way too much flash powder.


4. Thy flora and thy fauna is part of the beauty of SDC.  Be careful not to disturb it or any property to 'get that photo'.  Stay in the designated area of the populace.


5. Thou shall not irk the ire of the holders of copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property.


6. Thou shall abide by any specific rules of photography of the establishment.


7. Thou shalt have a good time at Silver Dollar City!





Pick low volume days. Don't be afraid of a little rain.  The wet (after it rains) adds pizzazz to the picture.  Better yet -- bring a camera rain cover and get out in the rain and take some pictures.


Get there early or late in the day.  The first hour and last hour are the best times to take pictures.


Take advantage of the days SDC stays open at night (Moonlight Madness) for some night shots.


When taking low light pictures use a tripod and the self timer (to avoid camera shake when you depress the shutter).


When it is cold bring some gloves that you can pull the finger tips back so that you can work the camera settings/buttons.


Use your eye for photography, look for that special picture.




People say . . .


It'll help you keep clean.


No itching from chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks or any other bugs.


For your poison ivy, poison oak or weed lashes.


Good for stains on clothes such as grass, grease, blood and ink.


Wash your hair with it - fights dandruff.


Use for Fish Bait.


Also good for Dirty Mouthed Kids.


Put in trees to keep out insects.


Relieves Sunburn.



And if I read the sign correctly 'Lye Soap Won't Freeze'




For the benefit of my Aunt and Uncle (who lent me their Hasselblad film camera) and others if interested, I like to note which of my pictures were taken with the camera.  When I have the film developed I have a high resolution scan of the negative made.  From there I do what I enjoy doing -- editing the picture.  This is a Hasselblad pic (or at least it was before I messed with it).


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