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On a visit to Lindsborg, Kansas a couple years back we visited the Smokey Valley Roller Mill. The 1898 flour mill has been restored and can be seen in operation each year at the Millfest the first weekend in May (confirm operating dates with the mill). The mill originally was powered by water and later converted to electricity in the 1930s. The milled flour was sold nationally and internationally until it closed in 1955. Inside is a labyrinth of chutes, pulleys, belts, grinders and sifters across three floors. It is a wonderment of technology of the wood and metal kind.

The window in the picture above, off in a corner of one of the upper floors, caught my attention. If I were to title this picture I would call it 'A Pensive Moment'.

I try to be mindful of the holidays and tie the photo and story in some manner. There is nothing Irish about a Swedish flour mill other than it is well known that the photographer has a bit of the blarney in him.

"Still waters run no mills"

- Author Unknown

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