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I came across this barn on a drive west of town. My fascination for the barn is part boyhood tree fort and part . . . well, how should I say this now that I am at a finer age, a respite closer to the ground. Rustic in nature, a barn is free of the notion that everything has to be finished. From the rafters above to the roughed in walls there is a sense of comfort and familiar. I have often thought a barn would be a great place to have an office, an ambiance of creativity and innovation.

My favorite are the old wood barns with stone foundations. I like the artistic dark contrast of the missing boards, windows and doors. The beauty of the barn is its practical purpose but also an architectural expression on a canvas of wood and stone. Their beginning, a place to house hay, life stock and farm equipment has been passed as an inheritance to decline or be preserved as a remembrance of our heritage.

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"A barn has many roles and purposes throughout its life but none more majestic than its latter days."

- Yours Truly

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