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I titled this picture the 'Kansas Alamo' as it is a last stand, if you will, of a rural way of life nearly gone. Nestled in and amongst Johnson County, Kansas homes is this farm complete with farmhouse, outbuildings and windmills. The farm home was built in 1877. The now 12 acre site is the last vestige of this once sprawling Kansas farm.

Kansas barns have a friend in the Kansas Barn Alliance. This group serves to document the history and architecture of Kansas farms with a focus on barns. They provide a wealth of information regarding financial resources for barn rehabilitation and restoration. If you have an interest in barns check for the local or state barn alliances in your area. In Kansas go to http://www.kansasbarnalliance.org/ or visit their Facebook page 'Kansas Barn Alliance'. On the national level check out the National Barn Alliance website at www.barnalliance.org or 'National Barn Alliance' on Facebook.

'Remember the Kansas Alamo'

I took this picture the day after a Kansas Thundersnow, a winter thunderstorm of a rare occurrence. Anytime there is this much snow (12 inches) it is a calling to get out and take pictures.

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"I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism and everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch."

- William Barret Travis (Texas Alamo)

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