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Steve Rogers



To know a childs love is to share in the great sadness and immeasurable loss
when the lit light of a candle goes out.

While time has a way of healing,
the heartfelt cry is that their memory not be lost,
these candles only just lit.

In this season where we gather and come together,
some have only treasured last moments,
of their candles only just lit.

We grieve with those whose hearts now torn.
Never to know the light these candles would have born,
these candles only just lit.

A measure of comfort is to know they were not alone - to know beyond any doubt,
that angels held each candle when the lit light flickered,
then went out.

In angels arms,
each they did lay.

The dark days will not prevail.
In the day of celebration the candle's light will once again be lit.
For those who know the Savior's love,
will know a joy untold of these candles only just lit.

"Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted."

- Matthew 5:4

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