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One of the things I enjoy about Silver Dollar City is a familiar face each time we visit. Just inside the park by the Hospitality Center is Whoopsie Daisy. She doesn't know us from any of the other thousands of guests that pass through this gate, she greets us all the same -- with a great big smile.

Silver Dollar City is known as a place to have fun for the entire family but it is also a place of learning. Many of the old time crafts are demonstrated here. Ask any of the master craftsmen/women and you're bound to pick up a tip or two on lye soap making, gunsmithing, wood carving, knife making, pottery, glassblowing or Blacksmithing. Take a tour of Marvel Cave and learn about spelunking as well as valuable life lessons (like what to do if you see a bat coming at you -- 'duck and let the guy behind you worry about it' (I'm not making this stuff up -- I'm just passing it along).

If you have ever visited the McHaffie Cabin just off the main square you have probably heard Uncle Gene or Danny Eakin say "you can come in the cabin dumber than a box of rocks and leave having learned stuff".

When your day is done and you are leaving the park there is one final moment of learning (if you don't miss it). Whoopsie Daisy, best known for the wooden toy top that she carries, throws the top with a spin which drops from the end of the string to the ground below. It's hard not to be mesmerized by it. The spinning top is for some a toy to be enjoyed, for others it is that which sparks an inquisitive nature. For there, dancing across the asphalt or on the palm of a hand is a demonstration of the principle that helps spacecraft navigate. Now how about that -- you had fun and you learned something new.

The next time you are at SDC make sure to look for Whoopsie Daisy and watch a demonstration of the wooden spinning top.

And if you missed it -- just click on the picture

"It's not magic! It's physics."

- Deborah Bull

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